Best Mobile Apps and Tools for Marketers

The modern marketer can reap massive benefits from the mobile app revolution. From uploading blog posts to tracking campaign metrics, these marketing mobile apps allow marketers to access information at their fingertips quickly and conveniently. Whether you’re an Apple, Windows, or an Android fan, apps can assist you in every step of your marketing activity. With a few touches, you can have all the information you need – what’s trending, how people are responding to your messages and what are the latest best practices. These mobile apps are truly the marketer’s best friend.

Mobile app development has turned out to be a very successful industry in the present times. Companies are using various messaging apps, social media apps for doing marketing. Even if you are an experienced marketer, it is important to note that app marketing is a whole new ball game, complete with different players and rules. You have to identify which mobile app to use to market their product. You can use apps for great content creation, to automate content distribution for your blog posts, implement your editorial calendar, improve your site speed and make content marketing a lot of fun. Hire the best mobile app developers at GetTop3Quotes to develop a marketing app for you.
Best Mobile Apps and Tools for Marketers

Here Are Some of the Must-Use Apps for Marketers

  • Buffer – An app that helps you share content to social media channels by letting you schedule posts to be published at ideal times.You can schedule updates to multiple accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, as well as follow-up with statistics on how each post performed.
  • Mention – Mention helps you find and follow up with brand mentions all over the web—blogposts, social media updates, and anywhere else your keywords come up. Mention helps you easily keep track in real time of what’s being said about your brand so you can react quickly. It will send you alerts showing your mentions each day.
  • Tint Tint is an exciting app that can create social hubs to engage audiences. You can pull content from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest onto your dashboard then embed them as custom feeds into websites like WordPress, Wix, or Tumblr, or on mobile apps, social pages, digital displays and video walls.
  • Dynamic Signal – Dynamic Signal is a tool that lets you distribute either your own content or some you’ve curated from the web to employees who can then re-share it on their personal social-media profiles.
  • Dropbox – Access important files from anywhere, and share with your team members whether you’re at your desk or out and about. The app is great for previewing shared files like images, perhaps in advance of an upcoming social media campaign.
  • Evernote – Evernote comprises a to-do list and swipe file. This mobile app lets you snap a picture of something you wish to remember. It can also pull out text and context from inside the image.
  • Hootsuite – Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple social media accounts, analyze traffic, track brand mentions, schedule posts, messages and tweets, all from one interface.

Companies’ Success Greatly Depends on Mobile Marketing

Mobile nowadays is a critical component of marketing that can lead to success of the companies. Thus, instead of having a mobile app just for the sake, we should have an app that can drive brand awareness, increase revenue and even generate traffic in stores. The above mentioned few apps can help make your marketing efforts all the more efficient. All these mobile apps can help you accomplish digital marketing tasks with a tap, swipe, or touch.

Benefits of Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Benefits of Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
As a business owner, you would want to have a mobile application which is adaptable on various platforms so people can use it on the go, wherever they go, however they go. This can be achieved through cross-platform app development. Cross platform apps are those apps that work on multiple operating systems with a single code base. Hence, time, costs and efforts for developing mobile applications for different mobile platforms is significantly reduced thereby profiting the enterprises that are looking to build mobile apps for their business needs.

With the introduction of cross platform tools, developing applications for various mobile platforms have become very easy. The cross platform development tools enable developers to use a single shared code base to build native apps for various mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows etc. Companies are also looking for application developers who are skilled in cross-platform app development. You can hire the best cross-platform mobile app developers at GetTop3Quotes.
Benefits of Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Cross-Platform Apps Comes With a Number of Benefits

  • Greater reach – The more platforms you cover, the more people you’ll be able to reach. Simple as that. With Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android competing for top positions worldwide, the number of smartphone users for these systems is increasing day by day. Developing an application that runs on both iPhone and Android gives you the added advantage of tapping into greater market potential.
  • Easy marketing -When you have a bigger number of fans, marketing becomes easier in the sense that you don’t have to create niche messages to cater to a specific set of people. You have the liberty of marketing the application on various media and through generalized messages for the masses.
  • One instead of many It is easier to maintain and deploy changes when your team is developing one application that runs across all platforms. Updates would immediately get synced across all devices and platforms. This will save you money.
  • Uniform look and feel – The overall design and feel of the app can be maintained across various platforms if there’s a single code running on all. When you’re designing different apps, it can be hard to sync two different development teams to make the same app.
  • Codes can be reused – Instead of writing fresh codes for every platform, mobile app developers can reuse the same code across all platforms. This also cuts down on repetitive tasks, thus eliminating drudgery. This is not a completely new concept though. It has been used in software development for a number of years now and the benefits of reusing codes have been seen here too.
  • Cost-effective – It is more cost effective to build a cross platform solution for multiple platforms because it leverages one codebase. Companies can get an app without investing heavily in the resources, tools, and technologies for a particular ecosystem.
  • Quicker development time – App development is much faster when a single script is deployed. Increased development speed results in the product reaching the market sooner than before. Time can be spent on thinking out and working on codes for a brand new application. A win-win situation for all concerned –developers, marketers and consumers.

Cross-Platform Apps Are the Future of Mobile App Development

While applications are getting diverse and user bases are expanding, there is no one clear platform of choice. The concept of cross-platform mobile app development is gaining popularity as it allows the developer to code once and deploys the app across various platforms. With so much to offer, cross-platform apps are indeed advantageous than Android app development or iOS app development.

Awesome GPS and Location-Aware Apps for Android and iOS

Tracking via GPS has gained huge popularity in the recent times, with smartphones buzzing with this amazing and powerful feature. GPS nowadays is not only used to get basic driving directions, but also used to track your whereabouts. Whether you are climbing a mountain or trying to board a taxi, you can count on location tracking apps to find your exact location. With the help of these location tracking apps you can make sure our families are safe. Keep an eye on family and friends by means of tracking apps.

Today GPS tracking features is available in all leading mobile devices from iPhone, Blackberry to Android devices and other high-end gadgets. Smartphones and tablets feature sensors that can pinpoint your location, which can allow the apps on your phone to use your whereabouts in a variety of ways. The best location-aware apps do more than just tell us about exactly where we are — they offer useful features based on our location. Today, lots of applications are based totally on this technology, and it has given rise to location-based services in the market. Hire the right mobile app development company as well as app developers as per your budget at GetTop3Quotes.
Awesome GPS and Location-Aware Apps for Android and iOS

Some of the Top Location Tracking Apps for Android and iOS

  • Zenly Locator – Zenly Locator is a free real-time location tracking app available on both iOS and Android. The app brings all the benefits of location sharing such as live GPS locations, messaging, stealth mode to devices in an easy-to-use way. The app also shows you how much battery is left on your family/friend’s phone. You can choose to either hide yourself completely, show the city or the precise location through this app.
  • Nike+Running – This app uses your smartphone’s GPS function to track your location and speed as you run. You can set goals, monitor progress and share your results with your friends using this app. From first-time runners to marathon veterans, you’ll get the measurement and motivation you need to run farther and faster than ever before with this app.
  • Waze It serves as a combination of social network and crowd-sourced traffic map, allowing drivers to report traffic conditions and incidents and share them in a living map to the benefit of all. Waze also provides routing and turn-by-turn directions, with routes optimized based on current traffic data and automatic rerouting based on changing conditions. It gives most-accurate traffic updates.
  • Glympse – This app lets you share your location as well as your ETA with your family and friends securely, as it sends the information via email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter. Users can also share their locations as a group, selectively configure their location sharing and stop particular glympses to stop displaying their location.
  • Family Locator – It is specially designed for families and small groups. This app quickly shares your location with small circles like family and friends. You can view real-time maps of shared locations, receive automatic notifications of arrival and departure at favorite locations, and easily communicate one-on-one or to groups within the app.

Location Tracking Apps for Business Use

Location tracking apps can help companies of all sizes cut costs, improve worker productivity and simplify regulatory compliance. Implement a location tracking app to help make a positive impact on your business. These apps are not only used to track your family members but have organizational purpose as well. From finding a restaurant to tracking your friend’s location in unknown places, location tracking apps can help you in every way. These apps are a cool way to find a gas station, get driving directions and to create a digital scrapbook of your latest trip.

Programming Languages You Should Learn If You Want To Create an App

In this digital era, everything from shopping to education is available on smartphones. There is a mobile app for everything. Mobile application development industry in the last five years has multiplied in leaps and bounds, changing the way businesses function worldwide. With enterprises aligning mobile apps to their productivity in recent times, and with the rapid innovation in mobile devices across platforms, the demand of mobile app developers has increased significantly.

Choosing a programming language for mobile app development is a lot like choosing from a wonderful array of candy from your local store. They are all different in their own way and everyone has their favorite. It also doesn’t matter which candy you choose, because it is going to taste good. The same applies to programming languages. People are spending more and more time every day utilizing mobile applications on their devices. The flow on effect from this is that mobile application programming is becoming the premier platform to engage potential customers for expanding business. If you are looking for experienced mobile app developer to create something that has high functionality and compatibility then GetTop3Quotes is the place for you.
How Technology is Transforming the Travel Landscape

Top Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

  • HTML5 – HTML5 is the ideal programming language to build a web-fronted app for mobile devices. It makes various data types simple to insert, accounts for different screen sizes, rationalizes input parameters, and even levels the browser playing field. It is also cost-efficient. As it gets easily synchronized with most of the devices, it holds a great relevance as a programming language.
  • C++ – This is the most appropriate and robust programming language when it comes to building mobile apps for Android and Windows. As a powerful programming language, C++ allows mobile apps to be developed for practically every purpose on every platform that exists. It might not be super chic or trendy, but it dominated the programming world even before the smartphone revolution.
  • JavaScript JavaScript is an exceptionally popular language amongst developers because of its speed and efficiency. It is one of the most preferred languages when it comes to Android and Windows app development. The main advantage of using a JavaScript framework for apps is that it can be released simultaneously across different operating platforms.
  • Objective-C – It is the primary programming language for iPhone and iPad app development. Being a C-language superset, it does have a number of functions that precisely deal with graphics, I/O, and display functions. Moreover, as part of the Apple development framework, Objective-C is fully integrated into all iOS and MacOS frameworks.
  • Swift – Swift is a programming language that can be placed in the category of prospective game changer in the mobile development space. An Apple creation, Swift is a programming language principally produced for iOS and OS X. It is a great option for those looking to specialize exclusively in mobile app development. It is an open source programming and is extremely easy to learn. It needs less code and little maintenance, making the development of mobile apps uncomplicated.

Learn Mobile Programming Language for a Bright Future

Whether you want to develop chat/messaging apps or game apps, possibilities are endless with mobile programming languages and frameworks. With smartphone sales predicted to reach more than 1.4 billion units in 2017, there has never been a better time to get into mobile app development. Mobile apps have become a huge industry with a lot of money being thrown around. By learning these aforementioned programming languages, you can become a skilled app developer and can earn a lot.

How Technology is Transforming the Travel Landscape

Mobile technologies have transformed the way we live, work, learn, travel, shop, and stay connected. Mobile has already had a huge impact on the enormous travel industry. Nowadays people don’t go to travel agents while planning for a holiday. Thanks to breakthroughs in technology and high-speed internet, people prefer to book their own flights and hotels online, choose to stay in a stranger’s house, and rather than entering that unfamiliar restaurant with trepidation, search online reviews on their mobile while connected to the hotel Wi-Fi.

Mobile apps have completely changed the way people used to travel. The whole landscape of the industry has changed thanks to digital technology. Travelers now have the power to customize their travel plans and control how and when they can make travel plans with online travel booking system. And they don’t need to approach brick-and-mortar travel agencies for this. They can make plans, and arrange everything themselves seamlessly at their own pace. With the use of various mobile travel apps, everything can be done with just one click. There is a huge demand of travel app developers. You can hire the best travel app development company at GetTop3Quotes. Agencies and DMCs are also looking forward to get efficient travel software.
How Technology is Transforming the Travel Landscape

Digitalization Has Revamped the Travel Landscape

  • Social media platforms – The average traveler today has started relying more on online environments to realize his/her travel dreams. These environments include social media websites, travel portals, travel review websites, travel blogs etc. All of these factors determine the way travelers research, make plans, and recommend good destinations to others. Travel companies can improve their products and services by re-evaluating their online reviews on social media and even increase their brand visibility with some well-planned social media marketing strategies.
  • Faster real-world speed – As compared to Android phones, sharing of photos and videos on Facebook and other social media is much faster. Apple’s iOS facilitates the quick launch of different apps likes calculator, camera, flashlight, compass, etc. and much more. As like Android, iPhone does not become slow because of background running apps.
  • Personalization Travel companies have seen the importance of personalizing their offers based on consumer preference using Big Data. This gives a great experience to customers, and drives the business. The technology mines data to infer customer preferences with which the company can offer a personalized travel package to the customer. This would also make them feel that the travel company is aligned with their interests, and hence reliable, consequently increasing the likelihood of customers recommending the company to their friends and family. Today’s traveler is more tech-savvy. So leveraging digital technologies to personalize offers gives the company a great advantage while providing customers with a convenient and comfortable purchasing experience at the same time.
  • Mobile devices – People extensively use mobile devices now in both their personal and professional lives. Travelers rely on smartphones for researching, purchasing, and reviewing travel packages. This emphasizes the significance of responsiveness in a travel company’s website, and the company’s brand visibility in the digital realm. With the industry getting consistently digitized, a travel company that doesn’t embrace mobile disruption will lose to their competition in a short time. A B2B, B2C and corporate travel portal is absolutely must for a travel company to succeed in this field. Travel mobile apps have changed the travel industry in a drastic way.

Mobility Has Changed the Way We Travel

Rapid advancement of digital technologies has not only benefited the travelers but travel agencies also. Travel companies are forced to adopt technology to woo its digitally-savvy customers. It is also transforming every phase of hospitality – from finding a hotel, to checking in, to unlocking your door and personalizing your stay. As travel has become inherently mobile, travelers expect to use their mobile devices to enrich their travel experiences. Mobile technologies have greatly changed the travel industry to good!

No Androids or Windows – People Love iPhones

Smartphones have changed the lives of the people drastically and with the launch of Apple iPhoneNo product before or since had as big impact on the consumer market as the iPhone did when it was released in 2007. Unlike everything else on the scene before, it has no buttons, except one. It has a multi-touch display that worked incredibly well. It has a full web browser that was far more powerful and efficient than anything Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or Palm devices had. It has a great email app as well.

There’s a reason people feel passionately enough about the iPhone to wait in line for hours when a new model is released. Most people want a phone that works well, runs the apps they want, and is easy to use. On that front, the iPhone wins hands down. Apple’s intense focus on ease of use, quality experience, and reliability makes it the clear choice for most users. iPhones always tends to be launched with new tech features that take you to the next level. The iPhones high with amazing functions and cutting-edge technology, and that makes the iPhone one of the best smartphones presently available in the market. If you want to get an iPhone app developed for your business, get in touch with GetTop3Quotes. We will help you to hire the best iPhone app developers for your needs
No Androids or Windows - People Love iPhones

Features That Make iPhones Stand Out From the Rest

  • Easy and convenient – iPhone is very easy to handle and convenient to use. iPhone functions are user-friendly, and it is very easy to operate. If you want to operate the android phone, you first need to learn the same. On the other hande, iPhones still has zero learning curve. Any age group able to use iPhone features quickly and easily.
  • Faster real-world speed – As compared to Android phones, sharing of photos and videos on Facebook and other social media is much faster. Apple’s iOS facilitates the quick launch of different apps likes calculator, camera, flashlight, compass, etc. and much more. As like Android, iPhone does not become slow because of background running apps.
  • Superior quality Apple iPhone has been known for its superior quality since its early days. From a quality point of view, the iPhone is truly superior to most other phones. Its standard look and rich features makes people carving for this stylish phone.
  • The superior group – Since there are so many cheap Android phones in the market, iPhone users feel like they belong to the superior group that can afford to pay so much for a phone. Humans always like to display superiority and some products can help them achieve that desire. People having iPhones are considered to be loyal or high class people.
  • Better hardware and software integration – iPhones are world-known for better hardware as well as software integration. Every new launch of iPhone takes the smartphone to the next level. The iPhone’s touch display is smart enough to sense pressure, allowing you to take quick actions from the home screen just by long pressing on an app icon or you could peek at that email just by lightly tapping on it in your inbox.

iPhone has Become Number One Choice for Young Generation

The iPhones are really excellent choices as they are packed with the latest technology. iPhone is loaded with unique apps and amazing games that will sure make others envious. Above reasons shows, the iPhones are perfect for every pocket with their unique and attractive designs. No doubt, smartphones are the necessities of every age group with any status you have, iPhone adds prestige to you.

Best iPad Games That You Will Never Want to Miss

No-one predicted the meteoric rise of gaming on iOS, and we’re not sure anyone knew what the iPad was for at all when it first appeared. However, Apple’s tablet has become a very able gaming platform. With more screen space than the iPhone, games have the means to be more immersive. The iPad’s therefore a perfect platform for adventure games, strategy titles and puzzlers. Gaming in iPad is really fun-loving and very addictive.

The big, beautiful screen with excellent touch controls and the ability to play anywhere, at any time makes iPad a game lover’s delight. iPad created the perfect environment for the mobile video game market to truly take off. And it’s done so marvelously. The iPad’s expansive displays give gamers a more open, visual experience that isn’t as restricted as on the smaller displays on the iPhone. As the craze for iPad apps and games have increased, the demand of iPad game developers have also increased. Companies are now hiring expert iPad developers for their work. Get skilled iPad app developers at GetTop3Quotes.
Best iPad Games That You Will Never Want to Miss

Here’s the List of Top iPad Games

  • Alto’s Adventure – Beautiful art design mixed with a rich, calming soundtrack makes Alto’s Adventure stand out in the ocean of endless runner games on the App Store.
  • Geometry Dash – While not technically an endless runner, Geometry Dash is a massively popular auto-runner game that is near impossible to beat. With over 26,000 gamers who have left ratings on the App Store, the game still holds a 5-star rating. The game is fast-paced and high in energy.
  • Asphalt 8 Airborne this game throws caution to the wind, flinging cars into the air with merry abandon and burning nitro like it’s going out of fashion. The hyper-real tracks you zoom around are occasionally animated with a launching shuttle or a massive ferry to leap over and totally not crash into. This game is an absolutely favorite for speed lovers.
  • Star Knight – t is a beautiful looking game and has a soothing soundscape behind all of its levels, making it pretty relaxing to play. A combination of tricky obstacles, enemies with lots of health, and the relatively low damage your character does all contribute to Star Knight’s overall challenge level.
  • Leo’s Fortune – It is a cute platform game for the iPad that features finely crafted stages with beautiful graphics and clever puzzles.
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition – Endless exploring, mining, and crafting await you in this 3D pixilated world, which offers almost limitless possibilities for what you can create. It’s this reason that makes Minecraft: Pocket Edition amazingly fun to play for hours and hours.
  • Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery – It is an adventure game with a spooky story and a unique, rather intoxicating soundtrack.
  • Ultra Flow 2 – Its simplicity is probably its greatest strength. The game has a fun and engaging soundtrack and focuses more on hand-eye coordination than serious brain power.

iPad Games Leave You Addicted

iPad is an amazing platform for gaming. iPad has created smooth and awesome gaming experience with its excellent features. iPad games by far has a huge market all over the world. The opportunities to grow in this field are unlimited and there is scope to make lots of money if you invest in iPad games development.

Why Mobile Apps Are Always Better Than Mobile Websites?

If you’re planning to establish a mobile presence for your business or organization one of the first considerations that will likely come to mind is whether you want to create a mobile application for users to download (app) or a mobile website, or perhaps both. Mobile websites and apps can look very similar at first-glance, and determining which is most suited to your needs will depend upon a number of factors, including target audiences, available budget, intended purpose and required features.

A mobile website is similar to any other website in that it consists of browser-based HTML pages that are linked together and accessed over the Internet. Apps are actual applications that are downloaded and installed on your mobile device, rather than being rendered within a browser. The apps may pull content and data from the Internet, like a website, or it may download the content so that it can be accessed without an Internet connection. Mobile apps offer greater personalization and operational efficiency, along with multiple other exclusive features. A mobile app helps you to remain closer to the developers and fulfills user demands in a more seamless way. Find the right app developers at GetTop3Quotes to create that perfect mobile app for your company.
Why Mobile Apps Are Always Better Than Mobile Websites

Reasons Why Mobile Apps Are Better Than Mobile Websites

  • Ease of personalization – Personalization and customization are the keys to attract new customers and hold on to them. Nowadays, customers want instant results according to their interests and also want real-time updates which include their current location. Apps are the perfect example to tap into all these needs of this era. You can also get a customized mobile app as per your business needs.
  • Apps can operate without network activity – To use an app, you must first download it onto your device, so it is capable of storing information on that device. This means that most apps can operate without a network connection. In comparison, websites require a network connection so that they can be opened. Because apps are not relying on a network connection to operate, they are able to complete tasks more efficiently and on a more consistent basis.
  • Apps provide a superior user experience Mobile apps are tailor-made for whichever operating system that they are going to exist on. You can get mobile app for Android or iOS. Apps also have greater freedom of design; this allows the developer to design a fluid and intuitive user experience that suits the apps primary function.
  • High speed – A properly designed app performs quicker than a mobile website. Technically, websites use javascript codes to carry out their functions, while the framework which is used for the mobile apps is five times faster than mobile websites.
  • Efficient business processes – Mobile apps offer instant support and information to customers whenever and wherever needed. This means that users can instantly access key information on their mobile device at the click of a button. Mobile apps generally enable users to do everything they could normally do on a mobile site, but faster and more efficiently.

Mobile Apps Are Better in All Ways

The benefit of mobile apps far outweighs that of mobile websites. Mobile apps offer far more benefits, providing a rapid way for customers to access information on secure mobile devices. From healthcare apps to travel apps to educational apps, the world of mobile apps is very big. If you’re looking for a way to give an exceptional user experience to your customers, mobile application development is the right answer for you.

Ecommerce Apps That Will Revolutionize Your Business From Your Mobile

Smartphones and tablets have completely changed the game for the ecommerce industry. In the last few years, the strategies of large and small companies alike have shifted to become more mobile focused as consumers have rapidly embraced mobile shopping. A few years ago designing a mobile app or a mobile site for your company was a luxury, but now it’s becoming more and more of a necessity. Ecommerce business owners, take note. Following are the must-have apps that will make mobile business easier and more useful for both consumers and owners.

Ecommerce has revolutionized selling by providing new options for businesses that want to reach a global market. Companies cannot function without a website now; every business needs an online presence. Large and small businesses alike have now started making strategies to optimize for mobile platforms, because customers love to shop from their phones and tablets. Smartphones and tablets make it very easy to browse, choose and purchase items online, and ecommerce sellers also have customized mobile apps that easily manage their e-shops and data for them. Hire the best ecommerce app developers at GetTop3Quotes!
Ecommerce Apps That Will Revolutionize Your Business From Your Mobile

Here’s a List of Innovative Mobile Ecommerce Apps

  • Shopify Mobile – Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform. Its mobile app is very efficient and lets businesses reach their customers through a single platform. You can manage online transactions, social media, in-store dealings and everything else through this app. Orders can be synced with products and sales so that the mobile experience becomes smooth. This app also lets you track sales, create new product pages and manage payments, orders and product inventory.
  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics is one of the world’s most used analytics apps. It tracks page views, interactions and click rates – all of which are very important for an ecommerce store. It also lets you track Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns and signups that occur from various other platforms. It helps you create a successful marketing strategy for your ecommerce business.
  • Facebook People who do business online use the Facebook app for a variety of reasons. Facebook is a great place to advertise sales, boost brand awareness, and respond to cutomers’s queries. With this app, you can easily offer online customer service by responding to comments, whether they are negative or positive. Customers love when a business replies instantly to queries, concerns and problems. In the world of online business, engaging customers the right way can make your business stand out.
  • SEO Search Ranking – If you gain insights into keyword analytics, the information can be revolutionary. The SEO Search Rank app helps do just that, showing you how well you rank. When you know where your business stands, you can better craft effective strategies for building backlinks, incorporating the right anchor text, and more.
  • WordPress – It is a popular content management platform. The WordPress app is popular among ecommerce managers who are always on the go. Use your mobile device to write, edit and publish posts. You can manage comments, photos and media on the app as well. You can create a buzz on social media by sharing your content directly from WordPress mobile. WordPress is very user-friendly and requires absolutely no knowledge of coding, so even people with little to no technical skills can easily navigate the app.

Make Your Business Stand Out With Ecommerce

Businesses need not to look further if they want to have a mobile app of their business. As a business owner, it is not just enough to have an ecommerce mobile app in place. It is important to understand this trend and how best to reap the exciting opportunities it presents in Ecommerce marketing.

Some Really Interesting Apps of Windows Phone that Makes it a Unique choice

Although not quite as popular as Android or iPhone, Windows Phone has a small but loyal following and is certainly popular within the business community. The mobile platform has become more business-focused recently, in Microsoft’s drive to dominate all aspects of the IT landscape, including mobile, desktop and of course tablet. That means there’s a whole lot more business-focused mobile apps coming onto the market. The Windows Store has certainly improved over the years, so there is a lot more to choose from besides Microsoft’s offerings.

The Windows mobile platform is the solid version of powerful Microsoft Window operating system, adopted worldwide by technical and non-technical people for creating secure, robust and scalable business and personal use application. It offers innumerable options and features for making your personal computing activities more convenient through reliable custom Windows mobile application solution. If your company is dependent upon Microsoft technologies and you have a requirement for Windows app development, GetTop3Quotes is the right place for you. Find experienced mobile app developers with us.
Some Interesting Tips for Mobile App Designing

Here’s the List of Some of the Best Windows Apps

  • 1Password Beta – 1Password is a popular account and password directory that securely encrypts your entries. The Windows Phone offers improved search, faster performance and a revised UI.
  • Adobe PhotoShop Express – Adobe’s PhotoShop Express is without the doubt the most impressive tool for editing photos on a Windows Phone device. It features plenty of editing tools to make your picture shine. Crop, adjust red eye, white balance, contrast, noise, tone and much more, it’s a must-have, even if you’re not an avid photographer.
  • Adobe Reader The most popular app for viewing, editing, converting, and sharing PDFs, Adobe Reader allows you to view PDFs straight from emails and more. The app also allows you to view password-protected documents for extra security, convert DOC, RTF, and easily share files and documents between team members.
  • Air Watch MDM Agent – A management tool for the company that relies on communication and collaboration, this app can be used with the AirWatch console to monitor and manage all devices across a company. This app keeps track of everything, and is easy to set up and use.
  • Photosynth – It allows users to create and share wrap-around panoramas by stitching multiple images together. It’s a unique way to record amazing vistas from vacations or just give an immersive peek into your personal everyday life.
  • LastPass – Keeping track of your passwords and login credentials is a modern day digital hassle. LastPass allows you to set up an encrypted password vault which stores your passwords and login credentials behind a single master password. Users can automatically log in to websites using a built-in browser, as well as automatically fill in shopping and billing forms. You can store secure notes and records also in it which can be synced with your passwords across devices.
  • OfficeLens – It turns your Windows phone’s camera into a pocket scanner, capturing documents, receipts and whiteboard notes, cleaning them up and automatically transforming them into Office documents, PowerPoint files, or PDFs which you can upload to OneDrive. A Whiteboard mode automatically cuts out glare and reflections from images, while a Document mode automatically crops the image and applies color corrections.

Windows Phone Have Apps for Everything!

Apart from abovementioned apps, Windows phone is loaded with numerous other interesting apps that can make your life easy. Windows is one of the most popularly used platforms in the present times. Different types of mobile applications can be expanded for the Windows mobile, to convert the specific needs of different business areas. Just that you have to pick the right app!

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