Java Developer

A Java Developer is involved in the creation and support for the web-based Java Application, web interface and web application. The Java Developer is considered as the future of software development. Java is a computer programming language that is used for general purpose. The features that make Java as the most demanding computing language include it being object-oriented, concurrent and based on class. Java Development works on the concept of WORA. WORA stands for write one, run anywhere. This is the feature of Java that makes it popular among the Java Developer. This means that the Java code developed by Java Developer in a single platform, don’t require recompilation to be operated in another platform.

Java is the most relevant computer coding language at present and would continue to occupy the same position in the next 5 years.


Responsibilities for Java Developer

Each developer is entitled with particular responsibility. The responsibilities of a Java Developer are as follow:

  • Component designing for Server-Side
  • Technical designing, development, testing, implementation and maintenance or the CDL cycle
  • Development and enhancement of the product
  • Completion of the development task within the given timeframe

Tools used by Java Developer

The essential tools used by the Java Developer includes Java IDE, XML Editor, CVS Client and Git Client, Gradle, Eclipse, YourKit, Mockito, IntelliJ, Clover, JUnit, Jetty, Visual VM, Spring boot, FindBugs, Snappy, Guava and JD-GUI.

What does Company expect from an Excellent Java Developer

There is variation among the Java Developer. Some are average Java Developer, some good Java Developer and some excellent Java Developer. It is an excellent idea to know the features that company look for while hiring a Java Developer. An excellent Java Developer would adhere to blogging, have experience working on open source projects, worked with a company for longer duration, possess knowledge about the development in the world of Java coding, experience writing documentation, an expert in wooing the user, knowledge about the tools and practical knowledge of solving the hardest stuff.

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