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App Developers are the individuals involved in the Mobile App Developement. Mobile App Development is the process that involves the development of application software for the handheld devices. The handheld devices includes the personal digital assistance, the digital assistance and the mobile phones. The mobile applications could be installed in the handheld devices at various occassions. The process of installation could be carried out during the process of manufacturing, the user can downlaod the apps through the various platforms for mobile distribution and it could be installed as web applications. The development of new apps and upgrading the current apps requires the App Developers.

Types of App Developers

Through the platform of get, we will bring you in contact with two types of App Developers. The first category is the App Developers involved in Mobile App Development. The second category consists of the App Developers involved in Cross-Platform App Development.

There are four types of App Developers available for Mobile App Development.

  • An iPhone App Developer
  • An Android App Developers
  • iPad App Developers
  • Native App Developer

There are four types of App Developer for Cross-Platform App Developement.

  • Cross-Platform Mobile App Developers
  • PhoneGap App Developers
  • Titanium App Developers
  • Hybrid App Developer

Why do we need App Developer

The have been constant progress occuring in the world of Application development. It may be the Mobile App Development industry or the Cross-Platform App Development. Brining in new innovation and new creativity in the world of the handheld devices has been the mission of the Application development industry. The elements who form the pillar of the Application development world are the App Developers. These App Developers are in demand according to the skill and the expertise they possess.

Why choose

At, we have worked hard to bring the best App Developers in the Application Developement industry under a single roof. Getting connected to us would bring you in contact with the best resources and the best idea for Application development.

How Mobile App Companies are Driving Digital Growth?

While all app categories grew in double digits, mobile application development companies in USA and India are focusing on lifestyle, shopping, ecommerce, social and messaging apps. As per a recent survey, mobile shopping grew more than 235% and social apps grew more than 203%. App development companies in India are working more on B2C mobile apps and thus directly contributing to digital growth story.

Business & Enterprise Mobility Solutions


Mobile App

Develop idea centric android & iOS app to set top mobile strategy.

Custom Mobile

Custom apps are in great demand as they fit in the objective fully.

Cross Plateform
App Development

Develop cross platform app to save money & get native app performance.

Mobile Game

Game development is among the fastest growing niche in mobile development.

Mobile App

Develop a cutting edge app and start earning through app monetizaion.

Best User

Downloads will happen, if users like what they see at the app store.

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On March 6, 2008 – Apple inc released a software development kit (SDK), which gave the ability to developers to develop mobile apps for iPhone operating system – iOS. It immediately picked up the momentum and iOS app development and app development companies were born. Today, iOS applications are known as the benchmark for mobile phones with billions of downloads every year.


Android is a mobile OS based on the Linux kernel. Google is driving the development of android, which is primarily designed for touchscreen devices / smart phones. The first android phone was launched in Oct 2008 and more than 25 billion android apps have been downloaded since then. With smart phone in almost every hand, android app development is necessity for growing businesses.


Windows mobile, a compact version of DOS – desktop operating system, has grown up as preferred mobile OS for global app development companies. With continuous updates and implementation of new functionalities, global businesses are adding up windows mobile apps as a part of their global mobile strategy. They have a clear saying "if you have users there, develop the app for it".


One of the top four mobile OS, Blackberry has millions of customers connected with its devices. As far as security is concerned, there are many enterprises, which rely on RIM fully. BlackBerry Bold, Curve, Storm and Pearl need custom applications to meet the demand of growing clients. Solutions like email, CRM, field service, messaging are in great demand globally.

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