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PhoneGap App Development is an open source framework designed for the mobile platform which are diverse. PhoneGap was developed by Nitobi and was taken over by Adobe System in the year 2011. PhoneGap is a platform implemented by the software programmer for building applications meant for mobile device. The application is built through javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 which reduces the dependency on iOS, Windows Phone and Android which have platform-specific API.

There has been an increasing demand for Cross-Platform App Development at present. Implementation of PhoneGap App Development helps in formation of an array of cross platform mobiles apps. PhoneGap App Development is one of the app development framework that is in demand. As per the reports PhoneGap App Development has been downloaded for around one million times and the number of developers who has used the app is approximately 400,000. The popularity of PhoneGap App Development, is due to the flexibility its provide for connecting web apps and mobile platform.

Advantages of using PhoneGap App Development

  • Flrexible and accomodate with all the platforms, like iOS, Window Phones, Amazon Fire OS, Android, Blackberry 10, Window 8, Ubuntu and Tizen
  • Managable command line interface, which makes the process of creating, building and deploying easier
  • Include numerous standarized API, which has the enablity of supporting most of the mobile functions
  • Provide numerous apps’s display option, which includes a range of splash screens and icons
  • Include certain developer friendly tools like plug-in interface, Cordova ClI and embedded web view

Hiring a PhoneGap App Development Company

There are many Cross-Platform App Development companies available in the market who have specialized skills for PhoneGap App Development. Hiring a company would expose you to a set of skilled developers, who has achieved expertise in different mobile platform and devices. These developers would use their experience in PhoneGap App Development and help in developing optimizing and user friendly apps. is one such platform which will connect you to the group of developers specialized in PhoneGap App Development.

Due to the huge number related to the downlad of PhoneGap App Development, it enjoys a strong community support

How Mobile App Companies are Driving Digital Growth?

While all app categories grew in double digits, mobile application development companies in USA and India are focusing on lifestyle, shopping, ecommerce, social and messaging apps. As per a recent survey, mobile shopping grew more than 235% and social apps grew more than 203%. App development companies in India are working more on B2C mobile apps and thus directly contributing to digital growth story.   


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