Web Application Development

Web Application Development is the combination of websites and programming for the servicer side. Web Application is developed for the purpose of interacting with users, getting connected to the database and result generation for the browser. Some of the examples involving Web Application Development include Online Banking, Content Management, Online Reservation, Online Training, creating Blogs, Online Forums, etc. In the near future the Web Application Development is predicted to conquer a very strong place to the rapid increase in the number of web users.

Technologies Implemented for Web Application Development

Web Application Development is conducted through two types of technologies

1) Client Side Scripting – This is the coding whose interpretation takes place through the browser and is visible to any user browsing through the website. The technologies implemented for Client Side Scripting are as follows:

  • Dojo tool kit
  • HTML
  • Moo Tools
  • CSS
  • JQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax

2) Server Side Scripting- This involves the type of coding that has the capability of being interpreted by Web Server. This scripting is not visible to the users or the visitors to the web server. The most common technologies used for Server Side Scripting includes:

  • Phyton
  • PHP
  • Ruby or Rail
  • Zend Framework
  • ASP
  • ColdFusion


Demand for Web Application Development


There is a substantial growth in the demand for the Web Application Development Companies. The scope for growth of Web application Development could be estimated from the following:

  • Has the capability of growth by reaching to millions of users and businesses
  • Has the capability of generating multi layer income through users, organizations and advertisers
  • Depending on the demand, kind of technology implemented in development and channel used to reach to the users, Web Application Development industry has a tremendous chance of growth


Choosing a Web application Development Company

There is numerous Web application Development Companies across the Globe. Choosing an efficient Web Application Development company would bring skilled Web developers to your door step. Gettop3quotes.com is a platform which would connect you to the best of the Web Developers in the industry who would be efficient in meeting your demands.

How Mobile App Companies are Driving Digital Growth?

While all app categories grew in double digits, mobile application development companies USA and India are focusing on lifestyle, shopping, ecommerce, social and messaging apps. As per a recent survey, mobile shopping grew more than 235% and social apps grew more than 203%. Mobile apps development companies in India are working more on B2C mobile apps and thus directly contributing to digital growth story.  

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